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SoldEazy’s designer tool empowers you to grasp huge opportunity in the ever-changing eCommerce market. You may create professional listing templates without any knowledge of HTML or CSS.


Boost the Conversion Rate


Create promotions flexibly; add cross-selling tools to escalate sales; end-and-relist listings without sales records. We help you enhance the account performance comprehensively


Incredibly Reduce the Operation Time


The advanced automation functions greatly increase your efficiency. You will no longer be trapped in the dull and repetitive daily operations. Spend more time on making business decision!


Expand your business in minutes without language barriers

Expand your business from one site to other sites, from one marketplace to other marketplaces. Replicate thousands of listings worldwide effortlessly. A translation tool is also equipped to overcome the language obstacles.


One-Stop Sales and Order management

We provide a comprehensive eCommerce solution. From product management, item publication, performance reports, warehousing, orders, to delivery, are all well supported.

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<2018.01.05 Function upgraded - Photo Migration>

It is common that eBay sellers got many ways to host their photos from time to time. It’s quite a trouble when they want to update their listings! Now you just need a click [...]

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HK ICT Awards – Award of the Year

In the annual grand occasion of the Hong Kong Information Technology Sector, steered by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, Holistic Technology was granted the highest accolade “Award of the Year”, and Mr. John Tsang Chun-wah, the Financial Secretary of the Hong Kong Administrative Region, presented the prize.

Awards and Recognition


Holistic Technology’s SoldEazy platform took the overall prize in the government-backed competition for its online business management system that automates sales listings across websites including Ebay and Amazon.

Now in their tenth year, the Hong Kong ICT Awards are led by the Office of the Government Chief Information Office and organised by industry associations.

Steered by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO), the HKICT Awards is organized by local industry associations and professional bodies. Holistic Technology Company Ltd (SoldEazy Online Business Management System) was selected as the Award of the Year among the eight Grand Awards.
科技園培育計劃成員「浩全科技有限公司」憑藉其雲端平台系統 SoldEazy,奪得整個賽事的最高榮譽「全年大獎」、「最佳商業方案」大奬及「最佳商業方案(電子商務)」金奬。浩全科技自行研發的雲端平台系統 SoldEazy,以獨特的智能轉化引擎功能,協助中小企簡單及快捷地開展電子商貿業務。
商機易奪全年大獎 . 「香港資訊及通訊科技獎」(HKICT Awards)今年是第十屆舉辦。本年參賽項目創新高,共有 1,172 項目競逐 8 個獎項類別的大獎,所有獎項亦已於今天頒發,各項目大獎的得主列表如下:


.. 今年全年大獎得主浩全(Holistic)獲獎的產品 SoldEasy 雲端電子商貿平台就已經有 3,000 間中小企正在使用,據悉去年成功銷售額達 30 億元。Sold Easy 為基於 eBay 的刊登管理系統,以 SAAS 模式協助中小企建立網店,同步管理不同購物平台的資訊,並為流動裝置獨家研發模板產生引擎。…
一年一度「香港資訊及通訊科技獎」頒獎典禮於昨晚(11/4)舉行。雖然去年有點小風波,但仍無損香港業界對這項「IT 奧斯卡獎」的支持,參賽項目創新高,共有 1,172 份項目競逐。今年獎項重整為八大獎項,而最佳商業方案獎的大獎得主浩全科技有限公司則在八個大獎中脫穎而出,成為 2016 年的 HK ICT Awards 的「全年大獎」得主。
「2016國際IT匯」正式揭幕 浩全科技獲全年大獎.由業界、學術界及政府攜手合作舉辦的「香港資訊及通訊科技獎」今年是第十屆。最高榮譽「全年大獎」由浩全科技有限公司(商機易電子商貿業務管理平台)獲得,並由財政司司長曾俊華頒發獎項。

About Us

Our office is located at the Hong Kong Science Park. With more than 10-year experience of ecommerce management, we developed a series of innovative and effective online business management system, assisting sellers to expand business to various world-renowned e-marketplaces.

We aim to subvert the existing business model and overcome the technical and geographical limitations of trading!

With the comprehensive and innovative functions, our system has gained more than 3000 SMEs’ confidence to let us manage their online business.

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