The Lunar New Year is approaching, SoldEazy hereby wishes everyone a Happy New Year with family and beloved ones!

Since the holiday is coming, sellers may need to prepare special arrangement to avoid problem occurred during holiday. Below are two suggested methods to help you dealing with operation:

1. Extend the handling time of listings

We recommend that you reserve enough time in logistics to avoid the impact of centralized delivery after the holiday. To do this, you can pre-extend the Handling Time in the SoldEazy system and sync to the related listings.

eBay 和 Wish
  • Log in to SoldEazy, go to the “Datasheet”, click the pencil button of the data table & modify part 3 “Shipping & Returns”
  • Modify the handling time, then “save and synchronize”, apply the changes to the listings
    Reference link: Datasheet Maintenance (Please refer to the third paragraph of the “Shipping & Returns”)
  • Users can also export datasheet for bulk edit
  • BigCommerce webstore does not have a Handling Time setting, so you do not need to modify

2. Turn on Holiday Mode (Holiday Settings)

If you feel that the extended handling time is still not enough to cope with the huge amount of work that can be appeared after the holiday, sellers can consider turn on the Holiday Settings. Then you only need to deal with those orders you’ve got before the holiday mode is turned on.

More detailed instructions will be available in the Message Center. Log in to SoldEazy to learn more!