By mid-January, Apple will require iOS apps to be App Transport Security (ATS) compliant and enforce it to eBay iOS app. What this means is all the photos (i.e. JPEG, GIF, PNG) and dependent files hosted outside of eBay (i.e. CSS, JS) must be loaded with HTTPS protocol.

In particular, if you have product photos in your listing description hosted on a picture server or have CSS that formats the description contents, they need to be transferred with HTTPS, not HTTP. Otherwise, these photos and files will be blocked and cannot be rendered in the eBay iOS app.
SoldEazy would like to ask our users to check your listing for ATS compliant to minimize the impact of potential rendering issues of you listings in eBay iOS app.

For example, you will have to adopt photo hosting server loaded with HTTPS protocol; the URL mentioned in item description have to change from to