We are delighted to announce that SoldEazy is now compliant with the requirements of Apple’s App Transport Security (ATS). Our photo server has been upgraded and the images within will be loaded with HTTPs protocol in a few days to meet the industry recommended standards. In other words, if your images are hosted on the SoldEazy server, they will be fully compliant with the latest internet security standards, without any additional setup.


Please note that if your images are not hosted by SoldEazy, please consider re-uploading these images to SoldEazy, or ask your service provider for further assistance.


SoldEazy offers you a secure and reliable picture hosting service. In addition to meeting the ATS standards, we use dozens of servers around the world, and the establishment of the CDN photo network system provides the faster and shorter path to transfer your product images and descriptions to buyers’ computers and mobile devices, that greatly enhances the shopping experience.

Thank you for your attention. Please do not hesitate to contact us at cs@soldeazy.com if you have any questions.

SoldEazy Team